The more we understand ourselves and our horses, the better riders we become. The better riders we are, the better our horses become. 

The classical traditions of riding and training have been honed over centuries of use. The lessons and training scales work. 

However, horses and riders require different portions of those traditional lessons day-by-day and minute-by-minute. 

​The basic information of Centered Riding helps us to pick and choose the appropriate lessons for any given moment.
Centered Riding Means Building Foundations of Understanding That Apply to All Riding Disciplines.

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Want to work on your seat and improve your horse, private and group lessons available at your farm or mine. Can travel for clinics too. Don't wait. See the magic of Centered Riding work for you and your horse!


History of Centered Riding

Sally Swift: an inspirational woman

​Sally Swift: USDF Hall of Fame

I have had and continue to have the privilege to know some wonderful horses, who always teach me so much along the way. 

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